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Don Frye was disappointed not to fight Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal at M-1 last month, but just in the nick of time, Shark Fights recruited him to punch someone in the face.

“This boy’s gonna look like a Picasso painting when I’m done with him,” Frye told “When I get done with him, he’s gonna look like a turd on fire.”

That “boy” is Dave “Pee-Wee” Herman, a six-foot-five-inch, 240-pound heavyweight with an 18-1 record. He’s done stints for Bellator and EliteXC. He outweighs Frye by 15 pounds.

“That’s small from what I’m used to fighting,” blurted Frye. “He’s a runt. It makes me look fast.”

“The Predator” finds out if smaller is better when the two meet Saturday in Amarillo, Texas, at Shark Fights 6, streamed live on

Other than the size, Herman is just another opponent for Frye, who’s been down a long road of rodeos in his 13-year career. There’s not a lot of pomp and circumstance with him: just a stream of insults and a go-for-broke style.

“My advantage is my intelligence, my athletic ability, and my good looks,” he said.

It’s Friday, day of weigh-ins, so the insults take center stage.

“I don’t know if he’s talking about his genitals or his brain matter,” said Frye of Herman’s nickname. “I think it’s about his penis size. That’s what all the girls in Texas have been saying.”

Frye fought once this year in May, dispatching Rich Moss at Shark Fights 4. Afterwards, he said, he got a little too plump for his liking, up to 241 pounds. The fight with Herman is part of the plan in staying more active into 2010, and paying bills while he’s at it.

“I’ve got a pay for this new stimulus package that nobody’s seen yet,” he said.

Frye has branched out into film work as well, playing a sizable role in the recently released “Public Enemies,” his second film for A-list director Michael Mann. He’s doing stunt work on a new movie starring Will Ferrell in a few weeks.

“I’ve been lucky, and real privileged and fortunate,” he said.

There won’t be any acting when he gets into the cage with Herman, though.

“You’ve got to have small brain matter to climb in the cage with Don Frye,” he said. “This ain’t fun and games. I’m coming in there to whoop this boy’s ass.”

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