Qucik Strikes: Volume 1 Issue #1

September 10,2009

By: Clark Arroyo FightStalker.com Lead Staff Writer

“Money Talks But Fedor Walks”

In my first article for this site, I’m going to write about the same thing all MMA fans talk about. Why didn’t Fedor Emelianenko sign with the UFC?

Think about it for a second, he signed a deal that pays him less money, he won’t be able to market to the same degree he would have without the UFC name, won’t have to face the same caliber talent that the UFC has under contract. Even other fighters wonder like Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, “I like Fedor as a fighter,” Filipovic said during a pre-fight conference call for UFC 103 on Tuesday. “As a man, I don’t want to insult Fedor, but I don’t understand his attitude. I really don’t understand why he doesn’t want to enter the UFC.” Filipovic — who will face Brazilian bomber Junior dos Santos in the UFC 103 co-main event on Sept. 19 in Dallas — lost a unanimous decision to Emelianenko under the Pride Fighting Championships umbrella in 2005. A rematch now seems unlikely since the two heavyweights are fighting in different organizations. Emelianenko signed with Strikeforce in August and will debut against undefeated Brett Rodgers, sometime this fall. So the question remains, why?

In my opinion, it simply that his Russian management team thinks that by keeping his record perfect it makes him top dog, and ask for a bigger piece of the promotional pie because he’s the main attraction. Let’s face, until Brock Lesnar loses, Lesnar vs. Emelianenko is the biggest fight out there right now, by far, and would break all previous records. Fedor’s people must think that they too much to lose to actually have to face a credible opponent.

I want to see the rematch between Anderson Silva vs. Dave Henderson. I just love Henderson’s style, and he’s on a hot streak now. A rematch with Silva, would be a really great match with lots of big strikes. This is really a main event fight.

I heard Ricardo Myorga is going to fight MMA. Let’s face it, as a boxer he’s washed up. He’s now just a trail horse in that sport.  In this sport, unless he knocks out someone with his first combo of blows, he’ll get taken off his feet and pounded into a bloody pulp. We’ve seen it happened over and over when a guy in another sport tries his hands at MMA. Then I love watching guy get knocked out. I’m looking forward to watching Myorga asleep on the canvas. I’ll never forget when Myorga won his title as a boxer, walking around the inside of the rings puffing to two cigarettes at the same time.

Diego Sanchez has signed an 8 fight deal with the UFC, setting up a match between him, and BJ Penn for a match close to the end of the year. It will be interesting to watch Penn toy with Sanchez until he decides to end the match. Penn is a monster at his prime. Putting in Sanchez to Penn is like an Aztec human sacrifice to appease the gods.

I’m looking forward to my new relationship with this web site and it’s readers. Please feel free to send comments, videos, emails, etc. to me. I will try to look at all of it, please be a little patient until I get a little more up to speed.

Keep training!

- Clark Arroyo