TMZ Stands By Its Confirmation of Kimo Leopoldo's Death

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Well this is odd. After those reports of Kimo Leopoldo’s death were discovered to be an Internet message board-driven hoax, many of us were quick to dump haterade on TMZ, the celebrity gossip outlet that “confirmed” the news after it was first reported, and helped the false report snowball out of control. Though TMZ quickly took the story down when Kimo showed up breathing, we never heard an apology from Harvey Levin and his gang of misfits — and we’re never going to:

TMZ founder Harvey Levin told exclusively that they had received the tip that Leopoldo had died from the fighter’s management. “We actually got a call from his reps,” said Levin. He now, looking back on the issue, thinks that it might have been motivated by publicity.
While Levin would not reveal the name of the person who contacted TMZ, he did explicitly say that the confirmation came though Leopoldo’s camp. “There are a lot of people who just want to – and I’m not saying [Leopoldo] – but representatives that want to get their name out there in all sorts of ways,” Levin said. “And somebody there clearly did.”
However, Leopoldo’s lawyer, Stephen Doniger, is still in the process of filing a lawsuit against TMZ. Initially, Doniger and Leopoldo wanted to settle the matter without going to court, but TMZ has not responded to Doniger’s attempts at communicating.

So in other words, Kimo hears that he’s died of a heart-attack, tells one of his people to tell TMZ that it’s true, then gives us an alibi for his long silence by saying he didn’t wake up until “around noon-ish this morning.” That’s what Levin’s saying anyway. Honestly, it’s hard to know who to believe — the parasitic gossip-dealer or the cop-impersonating yo-yo expert. They’re both such pillars of trustworthiness.

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  1. kimosdead Says:

    kimo is just trying to make a quick buck now, his management team took advantage of the rumor to get him in the news

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