Perosh vs Cro Crop

Cro Cop’s superior striking was evident from the very beginning of the fight. Although Anthony Perosh has good ground game, he was not able to utilize it. Instead, his failed attempts at take downs saw him end up at the bottom taking considerable damage. Perosh took a lot of punches and elbows which led to a stoppage at the end of round 2.

Mirko Cro Cop Wins by TKO – Round 2

Keith Jardine vs Ryan Bader

Bader gets the take down middle of  round 1 and cuts Jardine on the head with an elbow. Bader stayed on top and doled out some good shots from the top til the ref stood them up close to the end of round 1. Round 2 Jardine has better take down defense – stuffing bader’s attemts.  Both guys landed some good shots, but more from jardine. Round 3 starts with more of the same, then Bader lands a few nice ones and puts away Jardine.

Ryan Bader Wins by Knockout – Round 3

Chris Lytle vs Brian Foster

Foster with a great take down early; lands some good shots. Foster with some fancy kicks, looks to be really charged up. WOW! Lytle submits foster with a knee bar after foster tries taking him down. Damn that was unexpected.

Chris Lytle Wins by Submission – Round 1

Joe Daddy Stevenson vs George Sotiropoulos

Sotiropoulos gets on top of Joe Dadddy in round 1 and reigns down some serious punishment. Round 2 Sotiropoulos lands some really good punchses; he’s moving really fast. Keeps landing punches. Joe Daddy gets the take down but nearly gets caught in a submission.

Sotiropoulos Wins by Unanimous Decision

Michael Bisping vs Wanderlai Silva

1 minute in bisping gets a take down; doesn’t last. Some exchanges. Bisping gets another take down but Silva gets right back up. Some more stalking/light exchanges. Bisping lands a nice right that cust Silva on the chin. Silva lands a few really nice ones at the end of the round. Round 2 Wand catches Bisping’s leg and gets the take down; does some damage. Bisping gets up; Wand lands some nice shots. Bisping gets the take down; but Wand gets right back up. Round 2 ends with a good submission attempt by Silva. Round 3 Bisping kicks vand in the groin; timeout. Resumes; exchanges. Bisping pokes Wand in the eye :(   Fight resumes, Silva is really going for it now; lands soem good shots.  Silva ends the fight with some really awesome shots.

Wanderlai Silva Wins by Unanimous Decision
Cain Velasquez vs Minotauro Nogueira

Round 1 Velasquez with some nice kicks early. Cain Velasquez gets the knockout.

Cain Velasquez by Knockout – Round 1

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